Occupational Audiometry
in Scotland

Check the effectiveness of your hearing conservation measures. The 2005 Control of Noise Regulations makes screening audiometry compulsory.

Health surveillance for noise (screening audiometry) is compulsory and required.

Health surveillance for noise (screening audiometry) is compulsory and required by the 2005 Control of Noise Regulations for all employees regularly exposed to an equivalent continuous noise level (Leq) above 85dB(A) and for susceptible individuals 80dB(A).

Audiometry is used to detect early damage to hearing resulting from exposure to noise. Identifying any damage allows appropriate remedial follow-up action in the workplace and any necessary medical referral of the individual. It is an early warning system, which enables the employer to take steps to reduce future harm. Claims for noise-induced hearing loss are one of the most common occupational health compensation claims and routine audiometric testing will help to control and prevent claims.

The hearing tests are carried out on-site and reported according to the HSE categorisation scheme detailed in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. 

Darroch Occupational Audiology offers an on-site hearing test service across Scotland.

Our hearing tests are convenient, simple to carry out and cause minimal disruption to the client company, with each hearing test only taking 15 – 20 minutes per person.

On-site, we only need the use of a conveniently located, quiet room.

Our audiologist will simply work through the hearing tests for your staff in whatever order or timetable has been previously agreed with production.

Darroch Occupational Audiology uses the latest fully automated, portable audiometric system with sound excluding headphones. This allows us to perform hearing surveillance to the new HSE/ Noise at Work Regulation guidelines on your site and at your convenience.

Occupational Audiometry in Scotland Darroch

Test Procedure
Employees are tested individually

At the end of the testing session, health surveillance reports, including a management summary report, statistical break down of results and an individual health surveillance report for each employee’s personnel file are sent to the company manager or health & safety/human resource representative. The company are made aware of any employees where there may be a concern and are advised of any follow up action as required.

Please contact us to see just how flexible and convenient our on-site hearing / audiometric testing service can be.

No Client is Too Large or Too Small

Darroch Occupational Audiometry works with clients across Scotland, ranging from large employers with thousands of people, to small joinery and engineering workshops with just a few people.

We provide audiometry for companies with no in-house occupational health personnel as well as those with in-house staff who need a professional external service for specific jobs.
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