Musicians Monitors

Custom In-Ear Monitors are the best products for musicians and audiophiles. Initially created for musicians to use during recording and live performance, custom in-ear monitors are now also used by audio-enthusiasts. We offer personal audio monitors that deliver a quality of sound that is prized by professional musicians and are designed to reduce ambient noise that could affect performers or music lovers during a live performance.

Darroch Hearing Clinics offer dual and triple balanced armature receivers that are ideal for live sound and recording environments, as well as in-ear headphones.

Darroch Hearing Clinics will take impressions of your ears and send them to one of their manufacturers. When your monitors are ready you will be re-called for your fitting session.

Darroch Hearing Clinics supply monitors from Puretone, Starkey and many more.

We also supply hearing protection. Click here to visit our Hearing Protection page.

Musician Monitor Glasgow