Why Choose Darroch & Associates Hearing Clinics?

Hear Clearly, Achieve Better Quality of Life

Are you struggling to hear conversations? Do you feel separated from your friends and family? Are you constantly asking people to repeat themselves? 

It takes more than technology to create the best hearing solution for you. 

At Darroch & Associates Hearing Clinics, our focus is on the individual, not just the hearing impairment. It’s the basis of everything we do. We put your individual needs first. 

When you choose Darroch & Associates Hearing Clinics, you have chosen a well-established hearing care group, with considerable experience in the assessment and management of hearing loss in adults. 

Our goal is to help you achieve a better quality of life. We want you to hear clearly again. 


Are you constantly asking people to repeat themselves?

Do you need your hearing tested? We offer free hearing assessments at any one of our locations or in the comfort of your home.

Free 30 day hearing aid trial, no obligation. Upgrade to the latest hearing aid technology with free lifetime aftercare.


Darroch Hearing Clinics is a member of the BSHAA Assured Hearing Care Scheme which is designed to give consumers confidence in their dealings with registered hearing care practitioners. Paul Darroch is a Bupa recognised healthcare professional and consultant.

British Society of Audiology
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