The History Of The Hearing Aid

Sunday 10th September, 2017

The hearing aid, in all its various forms, has been helping people suffering from hearing loss down through its history. Ever since its original inception, back in the late 1600`s. The first type of hearing aid was the classic ear trumpet. It was a funnel-shaped or tubular implement, used to gather sound waves which ended up in the ear. They were fashioned from wood, silver, sheet metal and, animal horns and snail shells. Ear trumpets were ideal for enhancing the impact of sound energy to the eardrum.

They were becoming commonly in use by the close of the 1700s. The ear trumpet was first produced by a company in London in 1800. However, by the end of the 1800s, more and more people were using hidden hearing aids.
It was after the development of the telephone, by Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, that saw the call for a modern hearing aid. It culminated in the creation of the initial electric hearing aid twelve years later, in 1898. When, by utilising the principles of the telephone, they could enhance how acoustic signals were changed and received. Hearing aids could utilise the technology to manage the frequency, distortion and volume of sounds, so they can be picked up by the ear. This was the effect the telephone had on the development of the hearing aid.

The original electric hearing aid was called the Akouphone. It was designed to be a portable device and used a carbon transmitter. The 1920`s saw the launch of the Vactuphone, the inaugural vacuum-tube hearing aid, and in the next decade, hearing aids were becoming increasingly popular to the public.

The Second World War heralded great strides in the evolution of the hearing aid, especially miniaturization. Where devices were becoming more compact and portable. The close of the forties saw the development of transistor hearing aids, to replace vacuum tubes. Eventually, advances in computer science and the microprocessor, as well as high-speed digital-array processors used in minicomputers amongst other elements, helped herald the rise of the digital hearing aid.

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