Find Out Some Facts About Hearing Loss

Saturday 4th November, 2017

Do you strain to hear what your friends and family are saying? Do you constantly have to ask them to repeat themselves when they speak to you? Are you struggling to listen to music and must increase the volume when you watch TV? There is a chance you could be suffering from hearing loss and may wish to know a few facts.

Hearing loss is a condition which afflicts around one and six of the UK population. This amounts to approximately ten million people. It is said more than three and a half million of working age suffer from hearing loss. There are thought to be in the region of 800,000 people in Britain who are profoundly or severely deaf.

However, people experience greater hearing loss as they get older. Studies show that there are around six and a half million sufferers of 60 years and over. This is along with the fact one in three of the population over the age of 70 suffer from hearing loss. It has been reported that around two million people in Britain who use hearing aids and devices to help improve their hearing.

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Hearing Tests Glasgow South

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