Are You Powered Up?? Choose The Right Hearing Aid Battery

Thursday 24th August, 2017

The battery is the life blood of a hearing aid which keeps its engine running. There are many different types of hearing aid batteries on the market. How do you find the right one to meets your needs?

When picking out the ideal battery, be aware that they come in four sizes. They have their own number and are colour coded, so you could identify the specific battery you require without any trouble. You can choose the number 675 battery which is coded blue. The number 13 is orange, 312 batteries are brown and number 10 batteries are yellow.

But how long do they last? There are lots of different variables which determine how long a battery will keep working. They can generally power a hearing aid for between four to fourteen days. However, this may differ, considering the severity of a person’s hearing loss. People need to consider the noise level they may be subjected to and how much work the hearing aid will have to do. Does the customer work in a noisy environment? Does he or she have an active social life and often go out to noisy pubs, clubs or restaurants? There is a great deal to consider.

The ideal hearing aid battery will also depend on the specific make and model of the hearing aid, as well as the size of the battery itself. These may be amongst the numerous parameters used to help people choose a suitable battery.

We at Darroch Hearing will know the correct battery size for your hearing aid. We can take all the stress out of finding a replacement should you require it. You can give us a call, text us or send us an email with your order so you will never run out. We will post out your replacement battery straight to your front door, without any trouble. You need never be deprived of this essential component in improving the lives of sufferers of hearing loss. Darroch Hearing is committed to assisting you in any way we can.

You will have all the power, when you choose the right hearing aid battery.


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