Suffering From Ear Impaction? Choose Ear Wax Removal From Darroch Hearing Clinics

Friday 25th August, 2017

Many people in the UK suffer from a buildup of the substance called ear wax, otherwise known as cerumen. It occurs naturally to safeguard a person’s ears and protect hearing. Cerumen is useful for cleaning out the ear canal and generally makes its way out the body. Flaking away when it reaches outside the ear.

However, there are cases where cerumen can amass to excess inside the ear, causing a blockage. This can result in a condition known as ear wax impaction. It can manifest itself in a series of recognizable symptoms. For instance, sufferers may feel as if there ear is packed up and they may experience pain or itching in the ear. Their hearing will be affected and it may progressively deteriorate. People struggling with ear wax impaction may also suffer from tinnitus or a ringing in the ears and may feel dizzy, alongside other symptoms.

If you are concerned you may be suffering from an impacted ear, why not make an appointment with Darroch Hearing Clinics? Paul Darroch, our founder and experienced hearing health care expert, can carry out a free ear examination. We can check for signs of excessive cerumen, through the use of a piece of equipment known as an octoscope.

If it turns out that you are indeed suffering from an impacted ear then ear wax removal may be required. In that case Darroch Hearing Clinics can help you. There are many possible treatments for ear wax, but Paul Darroch generally endorses micro suction. It is a gentle process, carried out with a calibrated suction instrument and a magnifying loupe. We perform micro suction procedures for a very reasonable rate. We charge £45 for one ear or £65 if you need both ears worked on.

Say good bye to the discomfort of ear impaction by choosing ear wax removal from Darroch Hearing Clinics.

How is ear wax impaction diagnosed?

Your hearing health care provider, Paul Darroch can examine your ears with a special instrument called an otoscope, to see if excess ear wax is present.

How is ear wax impaction treated?

Ear wax can be removed in several ways:

  • Using olive oil to soften wax in the ear canal
  • Irrigating the ear — this involves using a machine to rinse out the ear canal with water or saline, generally after the wax has been softened by oil.
  • Removing the wax manually using special instruments — a cerumen spoon, forceps, or suction device.

Ear wax removal using micro-suction is performed with the aid of a magnifying loupe and finely calibrated suction device. Paul Darroch recommends micro-suction and offers the service at all of his clinics.

How can ear wax impaction be prevented?

Do not stick anything into your ears to clean them. Use cotton buds on the outside of the ear and never insert them into the ear canal. If you have a severe enough problem with ear wax that you need to have it removed by a health professional more than once a year, we can advise which method of prevention (if any) may work best for you.

We would advise that commercially available suction devices for home use are not effective for most people and are therefore not recommended.

Ear candles, which are advertised as a natural method to remove ear wax, are not only ineffective but can cause injury to the ear. Injuries can include burns to the external ear and ear canal, and perforation of the eardrum.

Free Ear Check

If you would like us to quickly examine your ears, there is no charge. If ear wax removal is required for blocked ears, micro suction is an affordable, gentle process. £45 one ear; £65 two ears.


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