3 Things that Cause Hearing Aids to Whistle

Wednesday 1st February, 2017

We see a lot of different hearing aid problems here in our clinic. One of them is whistling. Yes, hearing aids can generate a whistling noise that not only reduces their effectiveness but also makes wearing them rather annoying. If you’ve noticed your hearing aid whistling, stop in and see us. We can probably take care of the problem without expensive repairs being necessary.

The three most common causes of whistling hearing aids are:

1. Improper Fit

In order for hearing aids to work as they should, they need to fit snugly into the ear canal so that no sound can escape. An improper fit that allows escaping sound causes feedback that the hearer recognises as whistling. It’s a lot like a microphone feeding back if it’s too close to a speaker. Improper fit can be addressed through modifying the moulding or showing you a better way to insert the hearing aid.

2. Damaged Tubing

The tubing on your hearing aid is that which carries sound from the speaker into your ear canal. Therefore, if the tubing is damaged, it creates the same kind of problem you would experience if the earpiece doesn’t fit properly. Sound escapes and causes feedback. The thing to understand about tubing is that it wears out and breaks down over time. The average hearing aid needs to be re-tubed every 4 to 6 months.

3. Excess Earwax

The third cause of a whistling hearing aid actually has nothing to do with a hearing aid itself. It is the result of excess wax build-up that doesn’t allow the hearing aid to fit properly. The simple solution is to remove the wax from the ear. Most hearing aid wearers need this simple procedure from time to time.


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