3 Lifestyle Choices That Harm Your Hearing

Tuesday 14th February, 2017

It’s not pleasant to consider the fact that lifestyle choices might negatively affect future hearing ability. Still, the unpleasantness does not change reality. Some of the things many people do in their youth will go on to contribute to hearing loss, at least to some degree. It would benefit us to learn more about these lifestyle choices so as to avoid any further harm.

Here are three such lifestyle choices to be concerned about:

Regular Clubbing

It can be a lot of fun to spend your weekends visiting clubs with friends. Here’s what you should know: clubs are confined environments where music tends to be played at an unusually high volume. Understand that a subwoofer (speaker) can put out up to 125 dB. That’s not even considering mid- and high-frequency speakers. Just a couple of minutes of exposure to such loud noise can have a profound effect on future hearing.

Riding Motorcycles

If a motorbike is left unmodified once it leaves the factory, the level of noise it produces shouldn’t be bothersome. But modifying a bike to create a loud, throaty engine noise can be harmful. Bikers who prefer loud bikes should wear earplugs or insulated helmets.

Frequent Flying

Flying on modern jets exposes us to all kinds of sounds that can be too loud. From the roar of the engines to the sound of the air pressurised loo. It’s best to make use of foam earplugs if you are a frequent flyer.

All three of these lifestyle choices have a single thing in common: they involve prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Our ears were not built to withstand such punishment, so the key is to protect the ears when exposure to loud noises is a normal thing.


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